Caprese Chicken Tender Sandwich

Caprese Chicken Tender Sandwich

Chicken Caprese Sandwich
It’s time for lunch… want a sandwich. How about a Caprese Chicken Tender Sandwich? The Salad of Capri with all the color of the Italian flag. Not that I thought that when I was making this sandwich…..I was really thinking , what am I going to do with these chicken tenders ?????

Tim will attest to the fact that sometimes……ok all the time, when I am at the grocery store, my imagination overrides any realistic needs for groceries. If I see something that looks good……it doesn’t matter if I go to the store hungry or full……and I think it will work for a recipe, I buy it. Continue reading “Caprese Chicken Tender Sandwich”

Salmon Sriracha Tacos

Salmon Sriracha Tacos

If we can put it on a pizza… we can put it in a taco…….

Sriracha Salmon Taco 3

Sriracha Salmon Tacos………spicy Sriracha baked salmon in a crispy corn tortilla, then topped with cilantro slaw and avocado crema (fancy uh).

We love fish, but haven’t had it in quite some time. I think salmon is the best…….I usually just bake it and I make a mean cucumber dill sauce to go with it. (that recipe will be for another time). I wanted to do something different.

If you need inspiration for anything, food, crafts, landscaping, home decor, fashion…….and on and on…….hop on over to Pinterest…..follow us while you are there. If you can’t find it there… don’t exist!!!! Continue reading “Salmon Sriracha Tacos”

Pulled Pork Pizza

Pulled Pork Pizza

Pulled Pork Pizza 3

What will those two not put on a pizza??? That remains to be seen……my guess anything. If you can eat it, we can make it a pizza.

A typical conversation at our house.

Marty: “What do you want for supper?”
Tim: “ I don’t know. What do you want?”
Marty: “I ask you first, your choice”
Tim: “ How about pizza?”

So it goes……as mentioned before,we eat a lot of pizza. We do mix it up though……..Pulled Pork Pizza…oh yeah!

Pulled Pork Pizza 1

Tim hates the term ‘pulled pork’……come to your own conclusion here….
Terminology or not, pulled pork is the bomb! On a sandwich and     topped with a creamy cole slaw….hmm…hmmm…hmmm! Continue reading “Pulled Pork Pizza”