Springtime Asparagus Gnocchi

Spring is in the air, although it really doesn’t quite feel like it here in Northern Illinois, so maybe a fresh springtime recipe will help. Springtime Asparagus Gnocchi.

Springtime Asparagus Gnocchi

As usual I was trolling Pinterest for recipe ideas. I had a package of gnocchi in the cupboard and had a hankering to use it. I came across a recipe from delish knowledge that looked wonderful. Onward I trolled, but kept coming back to the same recipe. After a few changes……. ta da……..Springtime Asparagus Gnocchi. So thank you to delish knowledge for such a wonderful inspiration. Continue reading “Springtime Asparagus Gnocchi”

Farro Cauliflower Bacon Salad

Farro Cauliflower Bacon Salad

I’m feeling hot, hot, hot ( you’re singing right now aren’t you?)……….I knew it was too good to be true that we would be spared super hot and humid days….a girl can dream. It’s 88 degrees and fells like 102 ……yucky!

When it’s hot, a salad seems like just the ticket. Now if it wasn’t for air conditioning, I would not have made this particular salad, as it does require oven usage. But, thank goodness we have such a luxury. Continue reading “Farro Cauliflower Bacon Salad”

Baby Red Potato Salad

Memorial Day…..the official start to summer……..and it’s usually cool and almost always rainy. But that will not stop the festivities of the long weekend with its BBQ’s, picnics, and camping.

Baby Red Potato Salad 3

It didn’t stop me from making Baby Red Potato Salad. I have been making my potato salad this way for years and never wrote the recipe down……until today. Over the years it has been tweaked numerous times……I think I have it down pat!

For potato salad, I like baby red potatoes. I think they have the right texture and leaving the skin on adds a nice color. Tip for boiling the potatoes: cube them first, they cook faster, and are easier to cool down after cooking. Don’t over cook them though, they will turn to mashed potato salad and you really want the cubes….trust me!

Continue reading “Baby Red Potato Salad”