What the “Forks” Storage!


What the Forks Storage? What the “Forks” for Dinner? our storage is limited………as in……. we hardly have any! So when I saw this cabinet, I knew it had to be mine.


Tim and I visit Hen House Farm when ever we are looking for that unique, one of a kind, piece. Whether a prop, or a piece of furniture Rick and Linda either have what you need or will gladly find it for you…….they are great people.

Cabinet Collage

Back to the storage issue. Tim and I enjoy going to the Casino once in a while for entertainment.We go by Hen House Farm on our way. I wanted to look for a few new props, so we stopped on our way to the Casino. That is when I fell in love with this cabinet. After we left,  I told Tim “If we win today I’m buying that cabinet”………I have the cabinet…….whooo!!!!

Cabinet 1 Collage

One of my other great passions in life besides cooking is decorating. We recently redecorated our living room, and this cabinet was the perfect complement to the new decor……and HUGE bonus it created storage for my props!!!

Cabinet 2 Collage

Now, I did paint the inside, as it was a little bland ,but otherwise it is perfect. Just that touch of old that is just our style .

I am in storage heaven 😉


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