Zucchini Meatball Pizza

So….it’s been a long time for everything. Being sick for almost a month, and now the COVID-19 crisis, things are a bit out of wack!! It’s also been a long time since we have made pizza! Zucchini Meatball Pizza turned out way better than I expected!!

Zucchini Meatball Pizza

Having been sick with the flu for so long, I haven’t had much of an appetite. Well, it’s back in a big way! I’m starving all the time….so much for the weight lost during illness…lol. Continue reading “Zucchini Meatball Pizza”

Social Distancing

Well, things sure have taken a turn!!! Whoever heard of Social Distancing ….until now!!!

As I stated in my last post the flu has hit me hard!!!!! Tim not at all which is really lucky, he has been my nurse for several weeks.

We will not go on and on about what you should be doing. That has been and continues to be covered. You can click on any social media site and be inundated with information.

What we will do is stay at home as much as possible. We also will for the first time try a home-delivered food service!

We will reveal which one, the meals we received, how they tasted, and most important if they were worth the cost!

Having two weeks(possibly more) off will also give us here at What the Forks for Dinner? time to create (if we can get groceries) some easy and great meals to share with you!!

So as we are all in uncharted territory please follow the guidelines to stay safe and healthy! And check back with us often!!! 

Tim & Marty



Honey Chicken Green Bean Stir Fry

Before the plague came to visit, I made a really great, super easy meal that will satisfy your entire family. Honey Chicken Green Bean Stir Fry.

Ground Chicken Green Beans

So, when you work at a school, you expect to get the occasional bug….its the nature of the beast. Well, the supernova of flu has wreaked havoc …..it’s flu-ma-gedon!!!!! I literally have been in bed sick for over a week. And this wasn’t just your run of the mill flu……this carried all maladies that the flu can bring…..use your imagination. Continue reading “Honey Chicken Green Bean Stir Fry”