Crab Rangoon Motz Sticks

If you love mozzarella sticks and you love crab rangoon, Crab Rangoon Motz Sticks are for you!

Crab Rangoon Motz Sticks

We have all had many months of staying at home. Hundreds of recipes have been shared on Facebook. I save the ones that I think are interesting or that my friends comment on. Crab Rangoon Mozzarella Sticks from Better Homes and Gardens was one of those recipes. Continue reading “Crab Rangoon Motz Sticks”

Spicy Chicken Meatball Rice Noodle Bowl

Now that it’s summer we like it hot, hot, hot!! Ok, Tim likes it spicy all the time, Spicy Chicken Meatball Rice Noodle Bowl is just the ticket for him!!

Spicy Chicken Meatball Bowl

I have, over time, come to like spicy food. Not too spicy but a gentle heat. Sriracha has become my favorite, Tim favors Sweet Baby Rays…it’s all about preference.

Anyway, I love Asian cooking. Tim …not so much, but he did say this recipe was excellent, the perfect amount of spice.

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