Crab Rangoon Motz Sticks

If you love mozzarella sticks and you love crab rangoon, Crab Rangoon Motz Sticks are for you!

Crab Rangoon Motz Sticks

We have all had many months of staying at home. Hundreds of recipes have been shared on Facebook. I save the ones that I think are interesting or that my friends comment on. Crab Rangoon Mozzarella Sticks from Better Homes and Gardens was one of those recipes. Continue reading “Crab Rangoon Motz Sticks”

Spring Chicken Pot Pie Egg Rolls

As we continue our need for comfort food, I give you Spring Chicken Pot Pie Egg Rolls…ta-da!!!!

Spring Chicken Pot Pie Egg Roll

These egg rolls cover all comfort food needs. The filling is what comfort food is made of, creamy chicken pot pie. They are fried and crispy. Snack food at its finest. Continue reading “Spring Chicken Pot Pie Egg Rolls”

Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Celery Sticks

It seems like we were just talking about the Holidays. Now here it is Super Bowl time!! Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Celery Sticks combine the best of Buffalo Chicken ingredients in an easy to eat a stuffed stick.

Bufflao Chicken Stuffed Celery Sticks

Buffalo wings are a football party mainstay. With a side of celery sticks, bleu cheese, and ranch. Why not put all those flavors into one easy to eat bite…no reason I can think of!!!! Continue reading “Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Celery Sticks”