Post Thanksgiving 2020 Leftovers

Post Thanksgiving 2020 Leftovers ! What to do with all those left over? Here are six great ideas….

Leftovers Turkey Tart

The best of a turkey dinner in a tender flaky tart. Puff pastry filled with leftover thanksgiving dishes for a quick and easy meal!Leftovers Turkey Tart

Thanksgiving Egg Rolls

All the tradition of turkey day wrapped up egg roll style with a sweet & tart cranberry dipping sauce….and left overs are gone!!Thanksgiving Eggs Rolls

Turkey and Cranberry Herb Dumplings

Extend the taste of Thanksgiving using up the last of the leftovers.Turkey, and veggies topped with dressing dumplingsTurkey and Cranberry Herb Dumplings

Leftover Turkey Shepards Loaf

All of the great things about a Thanksgiving dinner in a simple to prepare layered loaf. Great way to use leftovers!!Leftover Turkey Shepards Loaf

Grilled Turkey Pepperoncini Melt

Rye bread plied with turkey, swiss cheese, onion and pepperoncini peppers, then grilled to perfection. Not intended as a Thanksgiving leftover recipe but you can substitute leftover turkey for the deli turkey!Grilled Turkey Pepperoncini Melt

And last but not least…… Thanksgiving Pizza

All the best of Thanksgiving on a pizza. Great way to use leftovers from Thanksgiving or Christmas. A slice of holiday heaven!

Thanksgiving Pizza

Now that we are past Thanksgiving please check back for Holiday recipes coming soon!!


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