Sunday Breakfast

Sunday Breakfast

Sunday breakfast……..I’ve sung its praises many times, but today was an extra nice Sunday Breakfast. We had Tim’s Uncle Ron…..aka Rude Dog, and Aunt Ev over for breakfast.Normally, when we have breakfast with them, we meet at a local restaurant with the usual breakfast fare. Tim and I decided that maybe it was time to share some of our Sunday Breakfast recipes form What the “Forks” for Dinner? and invited them over. They graciously accepted.

We decided to make Southern Style Sausage Gravy on Boyd’s Biscuits. But, me being me, I had to change it up some. I made a casserole, using the sausage gravy as the filling and placed the biscuit dough on top and in to the oven at 400* for about 15 minutes. It turned out great.

Boyd's Biscuit Casserole

One of my vices as a cook, is I always, always make to much! But I would rather have too much than not enough.

Change up recipe number two………Potato Crusted Breakfast Pizza. I wanted to make it more individualized. So, instead of making one big crust, I made them just big enough to hold an egg. They are cute as a button and the perfect size for one. Look at the photos…..thank you Tim………….and you can see just how dang cute they are!!!

Mini Potato Breakfast Pizza

All I needed to add was a plate of fresh fruit, coffee, and it was a lovely breakfast, if I do say so myself. But I must say a big THANK YOU! to Ron and Ev for the beautiful tulips they brought for us. They are one of my favorite flowers and a breath of sunshine on what has been a rainy Sunday.


So, invite your friends or family over for a relaxing Sunday Breakfast……….go ahead and call them now , you know you want too!!!!!!

Sunday Breakfast Collage

P.S. I also want to send a shout out to our friends at Hen House Farm for the props we bought last week, and used today. The pan with the red trim was perfect not only in size but for pics and the pillow case that we used as a back drop (that says eggs on it) was perfect. So if you are looking for any kind of primitives they are they place to visit.

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  1. I love this website! I went to school with Tim and Tom and went to Jamaica with Ron and Ev. RudeDog? I thought that it was RonnyBob! Thanks and I would love to try the biscuit/gravy casserole! I plan on following this website as I like to cook too!

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