Rueben Burritos with Guinness Gravy

Rueben Burritos with Guinness Gravy

Rueben Burrito

St Patrick’s Day is traditionally a corned beef and beer day! I must turn to the unconventional……..kinda.

Speaking of untraditional, in our community there is a bar/ restaurant called “Kelly’s”
The Kelly family has owned it as long as I can remember. The untraditional part…….they serve Mexican food…awesome Mexican food!

I remember years ago when they first started serving food, they only served on weekends……the line to get in was always long! These days they serve everyday and still have the best Mexican food. If you are ever in Sterling, Illinois, stop by the Irish bar that serves Mexican food, Kelly’s, you will be glad you did. Continue reading “Rueben Burritos with Guinness Gravy”