Crock Pot Street Beef Tacos

I’m not sure I have ever met anyone who doesn’t like tacos?? Crock Pot Street Beef Tacos, easy and time saving, with the help of the good’ol crock pot!

Crock Pot Street Beef Tacos

There are a lot of new cooking vessels out there these days, but the crock pot is tried and true. Set it and forget it, even though you will not be able to forget these Crock Pot Street Beef Tacos ……awesome is too weak of a word!

Tim handles all of the Social Media for What the Forks for Dinner?, and lately he has been playing around with Reddit. We had a huge success with Campfire Cupcakes recently only to be banned from the site 🙁 for self promotion 🙁 Being new we did not understand all the rules, and if you have ever used Reddit, you know they are really tough……anyway……during this, Tim sent me a recipe from a site called Host the Toast, for tacos. My recipe is an adaption of that recipe.

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