Hot Cakes Japanese Style

Hot Cakes Japanese Style

Hot Cakes

I am becoming a fan of pancakes…..there I said it! I never really have cared for them the way I do French Toast. But, in recent months, I have embraced the pancake or hot cake.

I saw a picture on Pinterest with the most beautiful pancakes I had ever seen, so of course I had to look at the site and the recipe. Tara’s Multicultural Table……Tara features recipes from all around the world and had the recipe for the Hot Cakes. Visit her site for more multicultural recipes.

Tim is alway up for pancakes a.k.a. hot cakes, so when I suggested them, it was a thumbs up. They do take a few more minutes to make, as they require a resting time, but during the rest you can make the easy peasy Japanesey syrup to smother the beautiful pancakes in.

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