Cinnamon Sugar French Toast Sticks

Tim and I made bratwurst several times during the summer months (try our Brussel Brats with Honey Mustard Sauce ). As usual, we had leftover buns, go figure….. I have been using brioche buns, something about the fluffy sweetness I really like. But what to do with those leftover buns? Cinnamon Sugar French Toast Sticks, of course.     Cinnamon Sugar French Toast Sticks

One of our favorite breakfasts is French Toast Sticks. Our  3 Ingredient Cinnamon French Toast Loaf is delicious and crazy easy to make.

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Overnight Toffee French Toast with Toffee Syrup

Mother’s Day may be different this year, but you can still treat Mom to a fantastic breakfast. Overnight Toffee French Toast with Toffee Syrup is the perfect way to say I Love You no matter the day. Even like Wednesday!!

Overnight Toffee French Toast

I made this French Toast for Tim and I on Wednesday. 

Tim said it was “the best French Toast I’ve ever had!” I find that to be a huge compliment. Continue reading “Overnight Toffee French Toast with Toffee Syrup”

Cherry Pistachio Sweet Rolls

Peak cherry season is summer although this years season seems to have started a bit later this year…..crazy weather! Late or no cherries are beautiful this year in our area. Cherry Pistachio Sweet Rolls are a twist on the traditional cinnamon sweet roll.

Cherry Pistachio Sweet Rolls

In the world of Social Media, I have gravitated towards Instagram. No drama, or at least that I have encountered, just awesome pictures of what is going on with those you follow. Since I follow others with my interest in food, blogging, and photography, my feed is full of stunning food.

Cherry Pistachio Sweet Rolls

One of those I follow is Tatte Bakery  in Boston. Their bakeries are the stuff dreams are made of, and although I have never visited the photos they share are in my mind’s eye what I think bakery would aspire too. I would love to visit one day. There are 13 locations and I under they are expanding on the east coast. Continue reading “Cherry Pistachio Sweet Rolls”