Cherry Pistachio Sweet Rolls

Peak cherry season is summer although this years season seems to have started a bit later this year…..crazy weather! Late or no cherries are beautiful this year in our area. Cherry Pistachio Sweet Rolls are a twist on the traditional cinnamon sweet roll.

Cherry Pistachio Sweet Rolls

In the world of Social Media, I have gravitated towards Instagram. No drama, or at least that I have encountered, just awesome pictures of what is going on with those you follow. Since I follow others with my interest in food, blogging, and photography, my feed is full of stunning food.

Cherry Pistachio Sweet Rolls

One of those I follow is Tatte Bakery  in Boston. Their bakeries are the stuff dreams are made of, and although I have never visited the photos they share are in my mind’s eye what I think bakery would aspire too. I would love to visit one day. There are 13 locations and I under they are expanding on the east coast. Continue reading “Cherry Pistachio Sweet Rolls”

Fresh Strawberry Ricotta Scones

The last time I made scones, they were savory. Savory Spinach Ricotta Scones were such a hit I changed the recipe up to make them sweet. Fresh Strawberry Ricotta Scones were equally delicious and adding a Vanilla Honey Butter made them a special breakfast or brunch treat.

Fresh Strawberry Ricotta Scones-7

Strawberries are really starting to show their beautiful red-heads in all the grocery stores. If I walk past a display and I can smell them, they are going in my cart. I know if the smell is there so is the flavor. Strawberries are Spring in a pint basket! Continue reading “Fresh Strawberry Ricotta Scones”