Polar Bear Cookies

Cute, cute, cute….this is the cutest cookie idea I have seen in a long time!
Polar Bear Cookies are a no bake, easy to make treat, that is sure to have folks thinking you have mad baking skills.

Polar Bear Cookies

Double stuff Oreo cookies. M&M’s, white candy coating, and a few mini chocolate chips, and you have a most adorable cookie.

Cookie swaps, and if your school still allows treats from home….these are sure to be a hit.

Working at a school and writing a food blog, you get asked about cooking/baking…..a lot. The school Nurse…..Hi Sharon 🙂 asked me if I had an easy recipe for a decorated cookie. She was very clear it needed to be simple. Pinterest to the rescue.

Polar Bear Cookies

It didn’t take me long to find these little cuties. Tara from Noshing with the Nolan’s  came up with the an easy and creative idea and shared it on her site. As Tara says in her post, “this is more of a craft recipe than an actual recipe.”

The ingredients are simple and if you have children this is a child friendly idea.

Hints: Here are couple of hints to make this easy.
  • Make sure to use double stuff Oreos. The ears (M&M’s) will stay much better.
  • Don’t force the M&M’s into the filling, it will break the cookie.
  • Look for an area of the filling that is close to the edge to place the M&M’s.
  • Instead of dipping, use a spoon to cover the cookies with the melted candy coating. I kept losing the ears if I totally dipped the cookie.
  • Allow the coating to set up a bit before placing the candy melt disc for the nose or it will slide off.
  • I placed a small amount of the candy melt into a ziploc bag and snipped a corner off and placed a small amount of the melt to attach the nose.
  • Use mini chocolate chips for the eyes. Gel coloring will smear.
  • Allow the cookies to dry/harden completely before storing.

Polar Bear Cookies

Need a quick, cute, cookie for Christmas? Try these Polar Bear Cookies!

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Polar Bear Cookies


  • 12 double stuffed sandwich cookies
  • 36 M&M’s
  • 12 oz. bag white candy melts
  • 24 mini chocolate chips


  1. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and place a wire rack over paper.
  2. Select 12 good looking white candy melts for the muzzles; set aside. Melt the rest according to package directions
  3. Slide the “ears” into place in between the cookies into the filling and cover the cookies in the melted white candy. Lay the coated cookie on wire rack cookie on the parchment.
  4. Allow the cookie to set up slightly then place the candy melt on as the muzzle and press in gently to form a ridge around the muzzle.
  5. Using a ziplock bag with a bit of the candy met inside snip a small corner off and squeeze a small amount of the white chocolate candy melts onto the “nose” (M&M) and place it higher up on the muzzle.
  6. Place mini chocolate chips for eyes.
  7. Let dry completely before storing in a sealed container.


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