Instant Pot Recipes

So….you got an Instant Pot for Christmas. Try our best Instant Pot recipes!

We purchased our Instant Pot back in 2015 when they were called Pressure Cookers, or Insta Pots. Whatever you call it these are really great gadgets to have when the day has been long and time is short.

Our number one recipe at What the Forks for Dinner is also our first Instant Pot recipe.

Asiago Shrimp RisottoAsiago Shrimp Risotto 2

An electric pressure cooker a.k.a. Instant Pot makes quick and easy risotto. Loaded with shrimp, herbs and asiago cheese. Creamy, cheesy and delicious!

We reposted this recipe just a few months ago as our photography skills have much improved.

Instant Pot Asiago Shrimp Risotto

Pressure Cooker Chicken MarsalaPressure Cooker Chicken Marsala 1

Make quick work of Chicken Marsala. A pressure cooker makes this rich, mellow and earthy tasting dish in minutes.

Pressure Cooker Breakfast Bread PuddingPressure Cooker Breakfast Bread Pudding

Savory breakfast bread pudding with ham, cheese, mushrooms, and onions. Topped with a dijon mustard sauce!

Insta Pot Salsa Verde Chicken Tortilla SoupInsta Pot Salsa Verde Chicken Tortilla Soup

Quick, easy and spicy. Salsa verde combined with chicken, onion, pepper, black beans and corn. Continue reading “Instant Pot Recipes”

Air Fryer Recipes

Christmas has come and gone. The decorations have been put away and its back to reality. If you received an Air Fryer for Christmas we have a list of our Air Fryer Recipes for you to try!

I received my air fryer a couple of years ago.  As with any new gadget I was gung-ho with it. I must admit it is not my favorite kitchen gadget. They are large, so storage can be a problem. But if you are looking for all the crispy without all the oil, an air fryer may be for you. For a low down on air-fryers check out this article from  BuzzFeed.

The following recipes are the ones we have enjoyed.

Air Fryer Cornish Hen

A small bird like a cornish game hen is the perfect size for an air fryer. It came out crispy and light.

Air Fryer Cornish Hen

French Crullers

Yummy “doughnuts” from an air fryer. Add a cup of coffee and oh la la!

French Crullers

Buffalo Shrimp Egg Rolls

Crispy crunchy egg roll from your Air Fryer. Buffalo shrimp, cabbage and gorgonzola cheese, make the perfect egg roll!!
Air Fryer Buffalo Shrimp Egg Rolls
Continue reading “Air Fryer Recipes”