Honey Chicken Green Bean Stir Fry

Before the plague came to visit, I made a really great, super easy meal that will satisfy your entire family. Honey Chicken Green Bean Stir Fry.

Ground Chicken Green Beans

So, when you work at a school, you expect to get the occasional bug….its the nature of the beast. Well, the supernova of flu has wreaked havoc …..it’s flu-ma-gedon!!!!! I literally have been in bed sick for over a week. And this wasn’t just your run of the mill flu……this carried all maladies that the flu can bring…..use your imagination. Continue reading “Honey Chicken Green Bean Stir Fry”

Pacific Rim Pineapple Chicken

Sometimes recipes take several tries to get them right. Pacific Rim Pineapple Chicken was one of those recipes, but once it was right, it was perfect.

Pacific Rim Pineapple Chicken

Originally I wanted this to be a sheet pan recipe. It just didn’t look right. The taste was there, but not the look. In food blogging, it’s all about the look!! Unfair as that is to be judged on looks…..if it doesn’t look good no one will make it…..I know the struggle is real. Continue reading “Pacific Rim Pineapple Chicken”