Baked French Vanilla Glazed Donuts

Baked French Vanilla Glazed Donuts

Baked French Vanilla Glazed Donuts

When I was a kid, the biggest treat In the world was when Mom bought donuts for breakfast, and if she bought chocolate milk…..the kind already mixed ……heaven! Now, not any old donut would do…….oh no not for us! It had to be donetts……..those little tiny ones. Powered sugar or chocolate frosted……..hmmm.

When I was making these Baked French Vanilla Glazed Donuts, I was thinking about how many stories I have with donuts in them.

The neighbor girl and I got in big trouble one summer for getting home after dark……where were we?……..frosting donuts. There was a little corner gas station-store close to where we lived, and they made their own donuts. We hung around at this place, and if I remember correctly, one of our babysitters worked there. Of course, her being a teenager, and us wanting to be teenagers we would do anything to hang with the big kids. Well, when she asked if we’d wanted to help frost donuts……….duh!!!! Of course we did…………and of course we lost track of time. To our horror it was dark out. Now, the rule was, you had your bike and your ass home before dark. Well our asses nor our bikes were home, and when we got home……..lets just say there was a welcoming party……..so, that was the end of our frosting donuts.


Right before we got married, Tim had to have an outpatient surgery, before they let him go home he had to eat something…….they brought him juice and a chocolate frosted donut. We both had much better eating habits before we got married……….Tim was just shy of being a vegetarian. Imagine my surprise when I saw him not only eating a chocolate frosted donut, but the look on his face was of sheer bliss……..now, I know he was medicated, but I think at that exact moment he would have rather married the donut……..I saw a new side to my soon to be husband…..LOL

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