Mother’s Day Flower Cake

Next week is Mother’s Day!!! A day to celebrate those women in your life who mean the most. What better way to tell a special woman how much she means than with a Mother’s Day Flower Cake.

Mother’s Day Flower Cake

Once again, I am leaning on a technique rather than a recipe, although I did use my Best Ever White Cake recipe…..Click here for recipe Best Ever White Cake I did not use the frosting recipe, I made a traditional buttercream for this cake. Continue reading “Mother’s Day Flower Cake”

Alcohol Free Caramel Apple Mimosa

Alcohol Free Caramel Apple Mimosa is a yummy way to enjoy apple cider when you are a teetotaler!
Alcohol Free Caramel Apple Mimosa 4

Tim and I are both recovering alcoholics. It was the best decision we both made. Although our decisions were made at different times, we are both committed to maintaining our sobriety no matter what comes our way.

Alcohol Free Caramel Apple Mimosa 2

Having said that, sometimes you still want a special drink to celebrate a special occasion……for the holidays or just because.
You all know that I regularly troll Pinterest for recipes. Sometimes, the special drinks look so good. There was a recipe for Apple Cider Sangria and since I had already made Pomegranate Moscato Sangria , I wanted to go a different direction. Continue reading “Alcohol Free Caramel Apple Mimosa”

Merlot Mushroom Filet

Merlot Mushroom Filet

Merlot Mushroom Filet

It’s the last big deal of the holidays………New Years Eve!!!!

In New Years Eve’s past, Tim and I have always worked. When you are in the restaurant business, New Years Eve is a big deal………for customers! For those of us who work on New Years Eve, we call it amateur night. Those who only come out on New Years Eve and celebrate a bit to much!… if you know what I mean!

This year, we get to celebrate at home…….woot woot!!!! For any special occasion I always think of a steak……..for me, nothing beats  a filet mignon. It’s tender and juicy (if cooked right)…….but, it is rather pricy…….ok, it’s really expensive, but you don’t eat it everyday, so on the eve of a new year we splurge.

Truth be told, we got a gift card from Omaha Steaks, so ours were free, well, not free……..when you go to their site, and see all the great offers…….lets just say, we went over the amount on our gift card. We were not disappointed in the purchase, the steaks were/are great!

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