Roasted Gnocchi Street Corn

Every year I sing the praises of Selmi’s a local farmers market with the best sweet corn ever. I try to come up with a new recipe to showcase their luscious sweet corn. This year……Roasted Gnocchi Street Corn. Roasted Gnocchi Street Corn

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Chipotle Street Corn Burgers

Chipotle Street Corn Burgers

Chipotle Street Corn Burgers

Even in the dead of winter there is nothing better than a burger. Flavored to perfection, cooked up just right, and topped with those perfect ingredients. This is that burger!!

If you follow Tim and I, you know that there are a few foods that we find variations for over, and over, and over. Yea …..we like some stuff that much, burgers are one of those things.

Try our Chicken Picatta Burger for a change of pace

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