Sweet Savory Cherry Chutney

It’s Cherry Season!!! “Bing” it on……..Sweet Savory Cherry Chutney is the perfect condiment for pork, chicken, or fish. 

Sweet Savory Cherry Chutney Add it to your favorite grain, or perhaps your next cheese plate; the uses are endless.

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Guinness Ribs with Carolina Sauce

Nothing says summer like a BBQ Cookout, and nothing is better than finger-licking, lip smacking ribs! Guinness Ribs with Carolina Sauce!

Guinness Ribs with Carolina Sauce

Everything is easy in the summer. Folks relax, and all the normal formalities go out the window. It’s ok to go barefoot and eat with your fingers. Which is really good, because there is no other way to eat ribs, than to just pick them up and dig in! Continue reading “Guinness Ribs with Carolina Sauce”