Herb Roasted Potato Salad

Whatever your 4th of July celebration or summer cookouts looks like you gotta have potato salad! Since it’s an unusual year, make an unusual potato salad. Herb Roasted Potato Salad.

Herb Roasted Potato Salad

A single sheet pan is all it takes to make a delicious non-mayo potato salad!

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Roasted Honey Orange Pork Tenderloin

Several weeks ago we made an incredible Homemade Easy Orange Marmalade. What to do with the extra marmalade? Roasted Honey Orange Pork Tenderloin. Pork Tenderloin is one of Tim and I’s favorite meats. Super lean and easy to prepare.

Roasted Honey Orange Pork Tenderloin

The past three weeks have been…..well a challenge to say the least. Seems I needed a hysterectomy…ugh! In preparation for the event, I had to get things in order. I spent two crazy weeks cleaning, painting, and cooking.

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Brat Bar with Bacon Relish

In keeping with the theme of Bars, and no not the local tavern. Brat Bar with Bacon Relish is an extension of our last post, Party Condiment Bar. Brat Bar with Bacon Relish

If you have great condiments, you need something to put them on. Summer is for grilling and brat are perfect for grilling. Boil them in some beer, and they are ready to go. Place your brats in a pan large enough to hold them and cover them with beer. Add some onions, peppercorns, and even green peppers for additional flavor. Continue reading “Brat Bar with Bacon Relish”