White Chocolate Flourless Cake

So a day late and a dollar short. I know Valentine’s Day was yesterday. And I had every intention of posting this White Chocolate Flourless Cake recipe earlier in the week but then……well life!      White Chocolate Flourless Cake

We have all seen or possibly made flourless chocolate cake. You know the rich, dense, fudgy cake that has no flour…perfect for those who have gluten issues. Well, it’s always regular chocolate. So why not switch it up with white chocolate? Continue reading “White Chocolate Flourless Cake”

Coffee Break Espresso Cookies

It’s time for a coffee break. If you want to include a sweet treat with your afternoon “cup o’ joe” Coffee Break Espresso Cookies are just the ticket.

Coffee Break Espresso Cookies

When I was a kid, I loved the smell of freshly brewing coffee. Forever will I remember my Grandmother’s Corningware electric percolator. From the iconic white with the blue flower, the sound of the coffee perking, and that aroma….awww! Continue reading “Coffee Break Espresso Cookies”