Pressure Cooker Chicken Marsala

Ok, I’m at it again with the pressure cooker………Pressure Cooker Chicken Marsala.

Pressure Cooker Chicken Marsala 5

I will continue to sing the praises of the pressure cooker until every home in America has one….from sea to shining sea!!

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Herbed Shrimp and Pasta with Crispy Crumbs

Herbed Shrimp and Pasta with Crispy Crumbs 3

I teased this recipe Sunday on Instagram when I made it…….for all of you who ask….and those of you who begged ( you know who you are) for the recipe ……..ta da!!!!!!!

Herbed Shrimp & Pasta with Crispy Crumbs.

I’m not sure…..and I don’t mean to brag…..but, this was one of the best “forking” things I have ever made!!!!!

Herbed shrimp is hardly new and adding pasta didn’t make rockets flare, but, the crispy crumbs…….they added a taste beyond compare!!!

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Chow Mein Egg Roll Cups

Chow Mein Egg Roll Cups 2

Chinese food……who can resist??? Not me! Mix two popular dishes together …….magic!

No Chinese meal is complete without egg rolls they are the quintessential Chinese takeout food, Thin and crispy on the outside, stuffed with a mixture of chopped vegetables and often meat and then usually fried.

But what if we turned it inside out? Baked instead of fried? Vegetarian instead of meat?

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