Red Velvet Macarons

Crispy and chewy, Red Velvet Macarons are sure to be a hit for the Holidays.Red Velvet Macarons

For my birthday, not this year but last, my brother and his girlfriend bought me a macaron kit. Just to tell a tale on myself……I procrastinate, and then I procrastinate some more……so is my story of macarons. Continue reading “Red Velvet Macarons”

Red Velvet Oreo Pinwheels

Red Velvet Oreo Pinwheels

Red Velvet Oreo Pinwheels 1

Whoever at the Oreo cookie company that invented Red Velvet Oreos………you have my undying devotion. These are wonderful……..I sang that part.

So, when I saw a little video on Facebook… was a Wal Mart ad, called Oreo’s Let’s Play I without a doubt had to try it. Simple and easy using Oreo cookies and crescent dough.

Well, being me and loving …….I sang again……the red velvet Oreo, I wanted to use them. I also used puff pastry. Partly because I had it and mostly because I love flaky, golden puff pastry.

So here what I did: Continue reading “Red Velvet Oreo Pinwheels”