Quick Easy BBQ Chicken Pizza

So it’s Date Night recipe time. Not every date night has to be some fancy smancy take all day to prepare ordeal. Sometimes you just want a quick and easy idea so you can watch that movie, or listen to music, or whatever you do on your date night……wink wink….

Quick Easy BBQ Chicken Pizza

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French Onion Soup


First let me welcome you all to What the “Forks” Forks for Dinner……….

For my first post I agonized over what to post. After all I didn’t want you running in horror or boredom…… and as a new blogger I of course wanted it to be perfect. Which of course it will not be but I will surge ahead.

Mother Nature gave me the clue as to my first post.


We had our first really measurable snow fall and what else would warm the day like soup.It had to be soup. It had to be French Onion Soup….. Continue reading “French Onion Soup”