Hamburger Soup

Hamburger Soup

Hamburger Soup

After we posted the Poor Mans Lobster Recipe………..which I know you all will be making for Valentines Day, our conversation was still about the food we served at Waldo Stubbs.  It was such a large part of people’s lives, not only the place, but the food. Several readers ask if we had the recipe for Hamburger Soup, which was served every Wednesday along with a Grilled Cheese Sandwich. It was the most popular soup at the restaurant.

Well, we did not have the original recipe, but after much brain-storming, we think we have recreated the recipe. For those of you who remember the soup try it and let us know if we succeeded. If you have noooooo idea what we are talking about, just try it and you’ll know what all the fuss is/was about! Continue reading “Hamburger Soup”

Beef Bourguignon for Two

Bourguignon Plate

I LOVE BEEF…….there I said it loud and proud. Nothing tastes better that a beautiful piece of beef tenderloin, filet mignon…….I’m drooling just typing the words. Not to mention that Beef Bourguignon for Two is so French sounding. One thing you must know about me is I have a complete fascination with the Eiffel Tower. I have pictures of it, figurines of it, I even have a large tattoo of it. My dream come true would be to see the Eiffel Tower in person with my wonderful husband. So making this dish conjures up a sense of a romantic French Bistro where the view is the Eiffel Tower….candle light……wine…….if I still drank …..I am proud to say I am 4 years sober…….sounds of music in the background….sigh…………OK snap back to reality.

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