Classic Pimiento Cheese

Just a few more days and the game of the year will be here! Every game day needs a cheese dip of some type or another. Classic Pimiento Cheese.

Classic Pimiento Cheese

So, I thought making a recipe that was an homage to each team was a fun idea. After a little research, and some serious thought for Atlanta, I chose Classic Pimiento Cheese.

Classic Pimiento Cheese

Never have I had Classic Pimiento Cheese or any other pimiento cheese. Pimiento…….I wasn’t so sure? From bartending for about a thousand years……I’m not kidding,I did…..I do not care for pimento stuffed olives. Thinking of the olives with the pimientos stuffed inside, I couldn’t imagine that Classic Pimiento Cheese would be good at all!! Continue reading “Classic Pimiento Cheese”

BLT Bruschetta

You need snacks, you want snacks, you gotta have BLT Bruschetta!
If you love bruschetta and if you love BLT’s this is the snack for you.

BLT Bruschetta Dip

Crusty french bread toasted until golden brown, then slathered with this amazing dip, spread,or whatever you want to call it. BLT Bruschetta is the bomb. Continue reading “BLT Bruschetta”