Fresh Roasted Tomato Soup

Fresh Roasted Tomato Soup 8

This past week a touch of fall has been in the air. Cool breezes with temperatures in the 70’s during the day and 50’s……best sleeping weather….at night.

Fall is my favorite time of year. I love the changing of the leaves and those cool crisp days. But, it’s also the end of the summer garden season…boo! Tomatoes are one of the last hanger on’ers in a garden. So, cool temps, fall, SOUP!

Fresh Roasted Tomato Soup 5Fresh Roasted Tomato Soup is the perfect way to usher in fall and say goodbye to summer. Roasted garden fresh tomatoes, with onions, garlic, and carrots……..roasting brings out such a wonderful flavor in vegetables and nothing beats homemade soup.
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Caprese Corn Cakes

Caprese Corn Cakes 8

We still have corn…….yeah!

The season for us corn is short, so we have to make the most of it…….you know ‘make hay while the sun shines’

Caprese Corn Cakes are little sun-shiny cakes of corn. Plus they use another short season favorite, fresh homegrown tomatoes.

OK, not from my home this year… garden……you can’t see it, but I have a sad face…..maybe next year. Continue reading

Cheese Ball Basil Salad

Cheese Ball Basil Salad 6

I have developed some new fav foods over the summer. Especially farro!

Farro has a high protein and fiber content and a nutty, chewy texture (similar to barley) that makes it great for grain salads, soups, stuffings, and pilafs. Buy pearled farro, it makes the cooking process so much easier. Having a rice or pressure cooker is nice too…..cuts back on cooking time.

So……… could you fry farro up like fried rice? I tried it with great results, but what about just frying/toasting it like breadcrumbs????? Nutty, chewy, and crispy!!!! I could use it to sprinkle on a salad. How about I make a salad for you?? Continue reading

Fiesta Zucchini Boats

Fiesta Zucchini Boats 1

Zucchini is in abundance at this time of the year. What to do with all of it……. Fiesta Zucchini Boat’s….. that’s what to do with it.

Zucchini, or as the French call it, Courgette, is one of the most popular summer veggies. Is there anything you can’t do with zucchini??? Plus it’s low in calories….of course depending how you fix it.

Fiesta Zucchini Boats 2

Choose small to medium-sized zucchini with shiny, bright green skin. The best size for zucchini is 6 to 8 inches length and 2 inches or less in diameter. Continue reading