Multi Grain Chipotle Salmon Bowls

Bowls are the bomb….Multi Grain Chipotle Salmon Bowls are the bomb diggity!

Multi Grain Chipotle Salmon Bowls

Bowl meals are trendy these days. Everything in a single bowl, and for whatever reason food in a bowl seems more appealing. Maybe its the artful arrangement, or the rainbow of colors, I think maybe just because its the food of the minute. Continue reading “Multi Grain Chipotle Salmon Bowls”

Tex Mex Gnocchi

Tex Mex Gnocchi …….Tex Mex meets Italy.
Tex Mex Gnocchi 4

We l-o-v-e Mexican food. Now, I know this is not a traditional Mexican dish, but the flavors are spot on, for us anyway, and I think you will agree. We also l-o-v-e Italian food, so paring them is a match made in ethnic food heaven. Continue reading “Tex Mex Gnocchi”