Deep Dish Fajita Pizza

When you see something that you think looks delicious and you just have to make it……. Deep Dish Fajita Pizza was it!

Deep Dish Fajita Pizza
Writing a food blog you get “ideas” sent to you all the time, or in my case I get tagged in a lot of the videos that surface on Facebook.

For some reason out of all the hundreds of videos I’ve seen, this one made my taste buds stand on high alert! Continue reading “Deep Dish Fajita Pizza”

Tex Mex Gnocchi

Tex Mex Gnocchi …….Tex Mex meets Italy.
Tex Mex Gnocchi 4

We l-o-v-e Mexican food. Now, I know this is not a traditional Mexican dish, but the flavors are spot on, for us anyway, and I think you will agree. We also l-o-v-e Italian food, so paring them is a match made in ethnic food heaven. Continue reading “Tex Mex Gnocchi”

Tex-Mex Taco Pie

Tex-Mex at it’s best…….. Tex-Mex Taco Pie!

Tex-Mex Taco Pie 4

I have been all about the easy and quick to fix lately……..along with a little bit of comfort in my food. Maybe it’s the long dreary days, I know the days are really shorter, but when its gray and gloomy……they seem long.

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