Tex Mex Beef Quesarittos

After much hype…… drum roll please… we are proud to introduce Tex Mex Beef Quesarittos. This recipe is a combination of the last three posts and makes what we think is the best Tex Mex recipe you will see this year! Using our Cherry Tomato Pico de Gallo, Quick Easy Avocado Rice, and Shredded All Purpose Mexican Beef, we have created this unique recipe.

Tex Mex Beef Quesarittos

A combination of a quesadilla and a burrito…a.k.a. Quesaritto! I love making up words!

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Fiesta Zucchini Boats

Fiesta Zucchini Boats 1

Zucchini is in abundance at this time of the year. What to do with all of it……. Fiesta Zucchini Boat’s….. that’s what to do with it.

Zucchini, or as the French call it, Courgette, is one of the most popular summer veggies. Is there anything you can’t do with zucchini??? Plus it’s low in calories….of course depending how you fix it.

Fiesta Zucchini Boats 2

Choose small to medium-sized zucchini with shiny, bright green skin. The best size for zucchini is 6 to 8 inches length and 2 inches or less in diameter. Continue reading “Fiesta Zucchini Boats”