Spring Shrimp Asparagus Couscous Salad

It’s already May, and you would think it’s March the way the weather is here. Alas, that will not alter my Springtime recipe creations. Hence the name of this recipe. Spring Shrimp Asparagus Couscous Salad.

Spring Shrimp Asparagus Salad

There are just some foods that ….at least to me scream SPRING!! Asparagus, shrimp, lemon, and dill. Spring Shrimp Asparagus Couscous Salad has all of these and then some.

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Orange Chicken Orzo Salad

Once again Mother Nature was at it here in the mid-west! It snowed on Saturday!!!!!! And I mean enough for the weather service to issue a Winter Storm Warning!!! I will not be dissuaded from making Spring salads. Orange Chicken Orzo Salad was born on a snowy April day!

Orange Chicken Orzo Salad

All of this cruddy weather has made it hard to get in the Springtime mode. Anything too complicated is just too complicated!! This salad is crazy easy.

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Quick Easy Lamb Chops For Two

Back when we first started the blog, I did recipes called Date Night Dinners. Somewhere along the way, I let that recipe series slide. It’s back….. Quick Easy Lamb Chops For Two is the perfect date night recipe.

Quick Easy Lamb Chops For Two

Tim had never had lamb chops before the other night when I made these. Typically recipes are created and made on the weekends when I have time for the process. Having ordered the lamb chops ( grocery stores in my area rarely carry these chops regularly), I needed to get them cooked and time on weekends flies, so a Monday recipe it was!! Continue reading “Quick Easy Lamb Chops For Two”