Thanksgiving 2015

In less than a week it will be “Turkey Day”…….a day to celebrate all that you are thankful for…….and eat, eat, eat!!!!!

I am sure you are all preparing your grocery lists and heading to the store to buy all that you need for the upcoming festivities…….BUT WAIT!!!!! Before you head out, check out these recipes from What the “Forks” for Dinner?

First, you need appetizers……a.k.a. snacks, this will keep folks from hovering around you asking when is dinner ready……..

Marinated Mozzarella just add some crackers and you are good to go. Make the Marinated Mozzarella a few days ahead so the flavors really get into the cheese.

Marinated Mozzarella 4


Fruity Snack Mix perfect to just grab a handful and much. Bonus… it can be made well in advance.

Fruity Nut Mix 4


The main dish of course has to be the bird……Thanksgiving Turkey Roll. This was soooo good, and again you can make this ahead, just by one day though, just pop it in the oven for about an hour and its good to go.

Thanksgiving Turkey Roll 3

You will need side dishes, and Green Bean Casserole is classic, my recipe is a version of the classic…….no canned soup!

Green Bean Casserole

Not so classic, but a pretty addition… and a cold salad Dijon Carrot Salad is colorful and light.

Dijon Carrot Salad

And what is Thanksgiving without Cranberry Sauce

Forget the canned sauce……this is so much better,
and it can be made up to 10 days ahead……..that’s right…….. ten days!!!

Cranberry Chef

Dessert….while everyone says “Oh I’m stuffed and can’t eat another bite……..there is always room for pie! How about candy bar pie……a break with tradition. Butterfinger Pie or Kit Kat Pie are equally delicious.
Butterfinger PieKit Kat Pie

We at What the “Forks” for Dinner? wish you and your an very Happy Thanksgiving!

Potato Skin Pizza

Footballs snacks are on everybody’s grocery list. Well put the ingredients for Potato Skin Pizza on that list!!!!

Potato Skin Pizza 6

This is the best of two worlds… pizza and potato skins……..and super duper, extra easy.

Store bought pizza crust…….you can make your own if you wish. Baked potatoes…..make ahead or just pop them in the wave right before you make the pizza ………that’s what this lazy pants did… Continue reading “Potato Skin Pizza”

Crunchy Buffalo Pierogies

You like the flavor of Buffalo Wings?……….but you are a vegetarian…….Crunchy Buffalo Pierogies! Problem solved!!!!!

Crunchy Buffalo Pierogies 4

Meat free but packed with the flavor of buffalo and an added crunchiness. Continue reading “Crunchy Buffalo Pierogies”