Chicken Ranch Pasta Salad with Bacon

Chicken Ranch Pasta Salad with Bacon is a perfect take along for a picnic, potluck, or family reunion.

Chicken Ranch Pasta Salad with Bacon
Speaking of which……every year my brother throws a party at his house under the guise of a get together/BBQ. He’s a big fat liar…..it’s a family reunion! Continue reading “Chicken Ranch Pasta Salad with Bacon”

Potato Skin Pizza

Footballs snacks are on everybody’s grocery list. Well put the ingredients for Potato Skin Pizza on that list!!!!

Potato Skin Pizza 6

This is the best of two worlds… pizza and potato skins……..and super duper, extra easy.

Store bought pizza crust…….you can make your own if you wish. Baked potatoes…..make ahead or just pop them in the wave right before you make the pizza ………that’s what this lazy pants did…..lol. Continue reading “Potato Skin Pizza”

Confetti Corn Dip

Confetti Corn Dip

I couldn’t resist one more recipe with corn. According to my friends at Selmi’s……the best place to get corn in Northern Illinois……..the season is over on Labor Day……today!!!!!

We had a few ears of corn left and I wanted to make Tim and I a snack. Confetti Corn Dip!

At one point in my life, I worked in a factory…….while this was not the job for me…..it was a learning experience. One thing I learned, there are a lot of women who can make some wonderful awesome food!!!

Confetti Corn Dip 1

Pot Lucks and food were a constant at the factory. Someone was always bringing in food. One of the ladies I worked with, Beth, brought something called corn dip. This was where I wrinkled up my nose……corn with mayo?……..but, after I tried it ……I begged for the recipe and it has been a mainstay in my snack repertoire ever since!

The version that Beth made was canned Mexican corn with sour cream, mayo, and cheese, served with Fritos. It was addictive!!

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