Roasted Mushroom Asparagus Farro

Roasted Mushroom Asparagus Farro uses the ancient farro, that adds fiber, and protein, in a rice shaped grain with a chewy, nutty flavor. Paired with roasted mushrooms, asparagus, thyme and a touch of red pepper for heat this healthy bowl is one for the books.

Roasted Mushroom Asparagus Bow

My first recipe using farro was back in 2015. Salmon Farro Salad was really delicious and healthy. Whole grain was just coming into the spotlight, and I made several recipes using farro (I will link more at the end of the post). Continue reading “Roasted Mushroom Asparagus Farro”

Creamy Asparagus Soup

Creamy Asparagus Soup……….even the name sounds silky and elegant. That is just what this soup is, and it has no cream in it………What you say no cream?????

Creamy Asparagus Soup

This is a repost of a post from May of 2014, with a few tweaks. In looking at the picture we decided to republish the post with updated pictures….we’ve come a long way baby!!! Besides this soup is just plain delicious!!!

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Asparagus Farro Feta Salad

Summer in the midwest is unpredictable at best.This summer has been pretty decent so far…….and then….holy crap its hot!!!!!!! When it’s hot, the last thing I want is to heat up the kitchen, or eat anything hot….ugh! Asparagus Farro Feta Salad is a cool delicious salad…. when its too hot to cook.

Asparagus Farro Feta Salad

Tim and I had to give up our beloved asparagus patch when we moved, but we still enjoy asparagus as much as ever. With summer heat ramping up I really don’t feel like cooking….I barely feel like eating, although I do manage…LOL

Asparagus Farro Feta Salad is cool but satisfying. Tender crisp asparagus with chickpeas, farro, and feta….covered in a light dill and red onion dressing. Continue reading “Asparagus Farro Feta Salad”