Chicken Broccoli Farro Salad

Summertime is here???? This has been the strangest beginning of summer ever. Cool and rainy! But that won’t stop summer cookout, picnics, and family reunions. Chicken Broccoli Farro Salad is the perfect take-along salad.

As I posted last week, I recently underwent a hysterectomy. In the weeks prior, I made hay while the sun shone…so to speak. Ok, the sun has hardly shone this summer, but the food Gods shone on me in the weeks before my surgery. The days were pleasant, and the temperatures were perfect for cooking. Continue reading “Chicken Broccoli Farro Salad”

Roasted Mushroom Asparagus Farro

Roasted Mushroom Asparagus Farro uses the ancient farro, that adds fiber, and protein, in a rice shaped grain with a chewy, nutty flavor. Paired with roasted mushrooms, asparagus, thyme and a touch of red pepper for heat this healthy bowl is one for the books.

Roasted Mushroom Asparagus Bow

My first recipe using farro was back in 2015. Salmon Farro Salad was really delicious and healthy. Whole grain was just coming into the spotlight, and I made several recipes using farro (I will link more at the end of the post). Continue reading “Roasted Mushroom Asparagus Farro”

Salt and Pepper Shrimp Edamame Salad

Salt and Pepper Shrimp Edamame Salad

Salt and Pepper Shrimp Edamame Salad

Some days you eat salads and workout ……Other days you eat cupcakes and refuse to put on pants……it’s called balance… Funny quotes get me every time, especially when there is truth behind them!

Eating healthy….the struggle is real. Real hard as you get older. As I approach the big 60 I find staying in shape extremely difficult. Although I have yo-yoed since my early twenties, I have always found it easy to lose weight. Eat a little less, walk, pilates or yoga a little more.

Salt and Pepper Shrimp Edamame Salad

Ah yeah ….well that’s not working so much…grrrr!!! In previous posts I have mentioned that I am now a point counting Weight Watcher and I’m doing ok. But it’s really hard when 1. you write a food blog, and 2. hmmm you write a food blog. Continue reading “Salt and Pepper Shrimp Edamame Salad”