Calico Beans

Calico Beans 3

We all have a member of our family that always brings the best food to all family gatherings. For me that person is my Aunt Marcella. She always brings the best food! She is know for her homemade bread( which makes the best toast in the whole world) and she always , always has cookies. Everything she makes is homemade and made with love…….and I love her!
Years ago….I’m not sure if she will remember this or not, she used to make this bean dish called Calico Beans. I loved it!!!! Continue reading “Calico Beans”

Pressed Italian Picnic Sandwich

It’s picnic time……pack a lunch and head to the park, the country or the beach. But, you need something to eat……pack a picnic and take a Pressed Italian Picnic Sandwich along.

Pressed Italain Picnic Sandwich

This really is the perfect sandwich…..make ahead, easy to tote, yummy Italian flavors ……perfect. Continue reading “Pressed Italian Picnic Sandwich”