Teriyaki Meatball Pineapple Pizza

OMG……I can’t believe we haven’t posted a pizza recipe since April……we are really slipping!

Teriyaki Meatball Pineapple Pizza

But we’re ……..back ……with a Teriyaki Meatball Pineapple Pizza.

I love , love, love the aidell’s company. They make artisan chicken sausage and meatballs. I spied them a while back on one of my infamous, inspirational, grocery shopping trips. They are available in your local grocery store in the cold meat section….well, at least at my grocery store. If not ask for them….whole new world of taste. Continue reading “Teriyaki Meatball Pineapple Pizza”

Asparagus Toast with Mushroom Gravy

Today is a sad day……we used the last of our asparagus….whah whah whah!!!

Asparagus Toast with Mushroom Gravy 1

Fresh asparagus season only lasts a couple of weeks in new beds like ours. Hopefully when they are fully established we can get as much as 8 weeks. No matter the harvesting time, we enjoy it to the fullest.

For our last bunch, I wanted to make Tim creamed asparagus on toast. It is so yummy!! But alas, it is not the prettiest dish in town……my mission…..if I chose to accept it……. put a pretty face on creamed asparagus on toast.

Mission accepted! Asparagus Toast with Mushroom Gravy! Continue reading “Asparagus Toast with Mushroom Gravy”

Pressed Italian Picnic Sandwich

It’s picnic time……pack a lunch and head to the park, the country or the beach. But, you need something to eat……pack a picnic and take a Pressed Italian Picnic Sandwich along.

Pressed Italain Picnic Sandwich

This really is the perfect sandwich…..make ahead, easy to tote, yummy Italian flavors ……perfect. Continue reading “Pressed Italian Picnic Sandwich”