Potato Crust Spinach Quiche

I know Quiche is cliché , but I don’t care……. Potato Crust Spinach Quiche is hmmm, hmmm, good!

Potato Crust Spinach Quiche

I have always liked quiche, whether for breakfast, brunch or a light dinner. For breakfast or brunch, just add some toast or fresh fruit. For dinner a nice green salad. Continue reading “Potato Crust Spinach Quiche”

Asparagus Toast with Mushroom Gravy

Today is a sad day……we used the last of our asparagus….whah whah whah!!!

Asparagus Toast with Mushroom Gravy 1

Fresh asparagus season only lasts a couple of weeks in new beds like ours. Hopefully when they are fully established we can get as much as 8 weeks. No matter the harvesting time, we enjoy it to the fullest.

For our last bunch, I wanted to make Tim creamed asparagus on toast. It is so yummy!! But alas, it is not the prettiest dish in town……my mission…..if I chose to accept it……. put a pretty face on creamed asparagus on toast.

Mission accepted! Asparagus Toast with Mushroom Gravy! Continue reading “Asparagus Toast with Mushroom Gravy”

Spring Chicken Soup

Spring Chicken Soup

Awww Spring is in the air……last week was freezing, what a difference a day makes……today was in the 40’s and it will be in the 50’s the rest of the week…..So long Winter…….Hello Spring!

Although the winter here was nothing like the folks out east, it has seemed long. I am ready for my flip-flops and no coat…….I hate shoes and coats…..both are too cumbersome.

So, it’s still chilly out, and Tim and I were in the mood for chicken, so how about chicken soup? But, lets pay homage to Spring……..Spring Chicken Soup.
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