Ham and Swiss Cheese Sandwich Salad

A sandwich? A salad? How about both…together? Ham and Swiss Cheese Sandwich Salad.

Back to school, no time for anything, except school. It’s the same every year, the first few weeks of school are buck ass crazy!! Cooking needs to be quick and satisfying. Continue reading “Ham and Swiss Cheese Sandwich Salad”

Pressure Cooker Breakfast Bread Pudding

It’s no secret that I love my pressure cooker. Now even more…..it makes breakfast!! Pressure Cooker Breakfast Bread Pudding!

Pressure Cooker Breakfast Bread Pudding

I was thinking about making french toast in my pressure cooker, which I understand is also called an Insta-Pot. Dig the name!! But, I wasn’t up for sweet,I wanted savory. And I had a couple of things in the frig to use up. Some ham and mushrooms, so savory it was. Continue reading “Pressure Cooker Breakfast Bread Pudding”

Twisted Hawaiian Pizza

Pizza time……..let’s take a trip to the islands……… Twisted Hawaiian Pizza.

Twisted Hawaiian Pizza 5

As you all know we love pizza, and eat it all the time. One would think we were Italian……maybe by food proxy????

Tim and I had not made a homemade pizza on a loooooong time……….but the time arrived this weekend. We love Hawaiian Pizza……..Canadian bacon, pineapple, and we add onion. Not sure if thats the norm, but it is for us. Continue reading “Twisted Hawaiian Pizza”